How to choose the right project manager for your rental properties

If you have rental properties, you would want them to be fully occupied by tenants for long term financial gain. You would want to get a good property manager who is conversant with the real estate management field to oversee your tenant’s needs. Perhaps getting a personal loan is something you should consider when finding the perfect manager. Here are the various strategies that will guide you towards choosing the best property manager.

Make sure they’re registered

A property manager should be registered with the real estate commission and provided with a certificate to operate. Before signing a contract with a real estate manager check and verify their credibility.


While conducting interviews for a property manager, involve multiple property managers. You will get an opportunity to compare them and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Ask them as many questions as you want and establish their level of experience. You will also get to know them personally and professionally. Remember that the way the property manager answers your questions portrays how they treat your tenants.

Listen to your friends and family

You can get referrals for good property managers from your friends or other real estate agents once you get a list from them. Since what works for your friend might not work for you, you should invite them for interviews to get to know them. Also, inquire about the views of some of the property managers you might have in mind.

Make sure they understand the market

Ensure that you get a property manager who knows the market trends at the local level. Sometimes markets are not the same, and a property manager needs to understand your unique market including the rental rates. The manager will be required to give recommendations on favourable rent rates that are neither too high nor too low

Look out for red flags

You should carefully examine the management agreement and raise questions to red flags if any. Ensure that the contract is apparent with the inclusion of the property manager’s responsibilities, fees, and expectations. Come up with a plan for management and contract termination criteria. You can contact an attorney to review the agreement to make sure your interests are well represented.

Visit properties your property manager manages

Checking the property manager’s work in person will help you get a clear picture rather than depending on other people’s opinions. You can decide to visit some of the properties your potential property managers manage and ask tenants questions that that will confirm their level of experience. You can also ask for information about the properties they manage and call them to get their insights. Make sure to maintain confidentiality while at it.

Do your research

Consider making use of the internet to hunt for a good property manager. Most property managers have an online presence. Get their website pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Yelp platforms. Previous customers are likely to leave their reviews which are highly dependable. Also, check their responses to complaints by clients. You will also get to compare real estate managers and pick out the best in the industry. A good property manager should be able to reply to the client’s complaints diligently and professionally.

How a loan can help

Getting a good property manager is worth all your time and money. They will relieve you from the stress of managing your property at an available fee. The professionalism they provide will also attract tenants to your property. You don’t want to end up wasting your money on someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, so make sure you do the research which is needed. If the best project manager is above your budget, why not consider a loan? A loan will allow you to spend what is best for you and let you pay it back in monthly instalments. With Simple Personal Loans, you are able to borrow up to £35,000 so hopefully, a loan will be able to help with whatever you need it to help with.

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