What to expect from your real estate agent when selling your house for the first time & how a loan can help

When you decide to put your home in the market especially if it’s your first time, real estate agents are essential. Real estate agents know the industry better and will make the process easier for you. You need to do research to understand the most important aspects including the price so you know if you will need to apply for a loan. and choose the most professional and understands your needs. Here is what you should expect from your agent.

What a good agent should do:

Have good communication

An excellent real estate agent should maintain excellent communication. Your agent should inform you of the progress of the sale frequently. When you have the information, you can easily solve issues that may arise. They should also give you feedback on showings or any other questions that you might have.

Get professional photographers

Marketing your house is also part of your sales agents work. They should get professional photographers to take a good picture of your home. These pictures should be available to all potential customers both offline and online.  The agent should also put list your house in many listing channels.

Be present

A real estate agent should be present during a home inspection to represent the seller. Agents can acquire information that is necessary during showing and appraisals. They will help the seller to respond to the buyer collectively and protect them from exaggerated requests.

Correct pricing

As a sales agent, you are expected to price a home correctly. You are required to portray an understanding of the market as well as portray professionalism in the process. You should be able to list a home close to the original listing price without trying to please the seller. Putting too high or too low prices can result in your house is in the market for too long. As a result, you might end up selling the home for a lower price making your reputation suffer.


A real estate agent should make sure that a buyer is pre-qualified and pre-approved to buy a house. Not every buyer who is interested in purchasing a home is qualified to make the purchase. Make sure that a buyer has provided bank statements, bank records, and income confirmation to ensure that they can get a mortgage. They should not sign sales agreements before the mortgage is approved.

Negotiation Skills

During negotiations, a seller should portray excellent negotiation skills. These should include the will to fight for your needs as the seller first. The right agent will not be afraid to raise issues as they arise and also make counteroffers. They should never put their needs to make a sale and move on to the next. It can ruin their reputation due to bad rating.

The price of real estate agents & getting a loan

Real estate agents can be quite a price, especially when you’re in desperate need or are trying to find a qualified professional. When looking you need to make sure that you don’t get ripped off. Although, if you cannot afford to hire a professional and doing the whole process alone isn’t going well, a loan might be the best option for you. Simple Personal Loans offer personal loans and unsecured loans to suit all, meaning they’re perfect if you just need that little bit of extra money to help you out. But, we suggest that you don’t apply for a loan if you are unable to repay due to your financial situation.

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